Driver DP has been featured in GT Porsche magazine

DriverDP has been featured in GT Porsche Magazine.

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"Fabulous day. Delivered on everything promised. Really started to push the Exige hard by the end. Set me up well for the obligatory track days to come..." G. Piercy, Lotus Exige

"Very rewarding day. It has shown me how my car responds at higher speed than I use on the road. I have learn't how to feel what the car is doing and how letting the car "settle" into corners by smooth control improves the speed of the drive" Ian Cumming - Z4M 

"Another fantastic day. Ideal at the start of the race season!! Thank you." Flick Haigh, Graduate Caterham
"4th time here, see you next year!!" Graham Robinson, Porsche GT3
"I just got home and my first thoughts looking back on the day are... I'm not yet 2 years on a full drivers licence, and I made some huge achievements in the day, to be one step better. Unreal. Beginners, what are you waiting for? Do it!" Edward Wandasiewicz, Mini Cooper S
"I came to learn about my car and to learn some driving skills and got more than I expected. Absolutely brilliant!" Aaron Nuttall , Marcos Spyder
"Totally satisfied. The best days driving I've had! Thank you"
Mike Walker, Audi S8

"Superb way to learn the limits of a new car in a perfectly safe environment, and loads of fun! Instructor was superb and I was amazed by how much more confidently I was throwing the car around by the end of the day!"

Paul Barham - BMW M3

"Excellent tuition - liked the variety of activities and the relative lack of traffic. 2 drivers to 1 instructor was a good ratio."DINAN GUNAWARDENA, LOTUS ELISE

"Really superb day from start to finish. Certainly I'm thinking more than ever about how to get a foot into motorsport." David Nieburg , BMW 325

"Fantastic day course ... Excellent tuition and clear explanations for technique. Learnt a great deal about my car, my driving and had fun with it.... would thoroughly recommend the course."ROSS GAGER - BMW Z4M 

"A fantastic experience, all the more better that you can do it in your own car. Instruction was first class." Tanya Stote, Nissan 350Z

"The day gave me exactly what I wanted: intensive, in depth instruction on the handling elements that I can put to good use on trackdays. I really started to feel at one with the car. Great Stuff."EDWARD GAMBLE - NISSAN 350Z

"Really enjoyable day- learnt loads and realised how much there is to learn! Will definitely recommend and hopefully return again"

Andrew McCluskey, Honda S2000

"Excellent Instruction, I learnt so much. The skid pan was the best part of the day for me."


"Excellent venue and instruction - Addictive! I want more please!" Jon Napper , BMW M6
"A brief note to say how much I enjoyed the day, and how worth while , and professional I found your instruction. I can't really think how the day could have been improved upon."


"Great day! Learned lots!"
Bryan Scott, BMW ZM Coupe
"Perfect. Learned a lot and got to meet some nice people. Nick was an excellent instructor and good company" Michael Loizou , Honda Accord Type R
"Excellent quality tuition and enjoyed the day" Norman Cameron, BMW 335i
"Very good day, well organized with good instruction." Lee Masters, BMW E36 M3
"The team at DDP are excellent and don't be put off if you only drive a normal every day car. I took my diesel Passat 4motion and probably had the most fun out of all attending that day. The course is designed to develop your driving skills but what better way than in the car you drive nearly everyday on everyday roads in everyday conditions. You will learn where the limits of your car are and in a controlled environment learn how best to bring the car back under control. The two students to one instructor works really well as it gives your car time to cool down as well as your brain! The highly skilled and experienced instructors are really down to earth people and focus their attention on exactly what you want to achieve by passing on their vast years of experience. I guarantee you will learn from this course, and you will thoroughly enjoy it!" Adam Hannay, Passat Tdi 130bhp 4Motion

"Very Good. Learnt a lot. What I've learnt will be of great use on the roads."MARTIN ROBERTSO - BMW M3

"A very good day out-I have come away learning something new." Richard Lane, BMW M3
"I learnt a huge amount about my car that I didn't know before." Roger Grimshaw, BMW 330d
"Great instruction- John was incredibly clear and consistent with his approach and patient in delivery. A very enjoyable day- will definitely aim to repeat."
Dominic Miles, Porsche 996 turbo
"Fantastic - Great venue and superb instructor. Many Thanks." Jason Hunter, BMW 330ci
"Excellent format and flexibility to get the most driver development. Well done to all and will recommend to friends and colleagues."
Martin Wooler, BMW Z1
"Although I've been on numerous track days I still learn't the most in one day - great day!" - Roger Needham, Caterham Superlight R  
"Excellent day, learnt a lot and improved driving ability quite significantly thanks to your instructors."
Hamza Miam, BMW M3
"Second time, but no less impressive." P. Templeton, Lotus Europa
"Superb day. Our instructor was excellent and very informative. Loved the track but really feel the advice and tuition on handling my car to perfection was invaluable! Will recommend & come again."KAREN BUTTERFIELD, BMW 325I
"Excellent instruction, only fault, one day's instruction leaves you yearning for more!" Jeff Clark, Porsche 911
"Fantastic day, learn't so much. Simon was brilliant!" Simon Broomby, BMW M3
"Hugely enjoyable day, instructor focused well on what I wanted to achieve and my confidence and skills have definitely improved over the day." Darren Nullmeyers, BMW M3