09.15Arrival, sign in, tea/coffee 
09.30Welcome presentation/briefing 
10.00-11.15Driving session 1
11.15-11.30 Short break and intro to next session
11.30-12.45 Driving session 2
12.45-13.45Re-fuel and Lunch
14.00-16.00Driving session 3
16.00Debrief and departure

Performance Car Control Course

The course offers high quality personal coaching.
You share your carefully selected trainer with just one other car owning customer. This is proven to be an excellent formula, giving plenty of personally tailored tuition with just enough down time, between driving sessions, to consolidate information.

The course suits all levels of drivers and can be customised to suit individual goals.

Course Content:

The course consists of 4 sessions designed to address different aspects of car control, as detailed below.

Car Dynamic Handling

Coned exercises such as slalom and brake avoidance, high speed braking. Highlights your cars' behaviour in more extreme manoeuvres and emergency situations. Feel how your car's ABS and other systems behave. Also tests your reaction ability and gets you "looking for the gap".

Tower Circuit

1.5 mile high performance circuit. Perfect track for higher speed balance awareness and developing correct use of vision, to attain accurate positioning, steering input and well judged use of the brakes and throttle. The track day or race driver may want to understand weight transfer, trail braking or heel and toe technique.  The road driver with his/her performance car may want to enhance his/her driving with correct use of the limit point and settling the car to drive corners smoothly in balance.  

Multi Surface Wet Grip Skid Control and Skid Circle

Sharpen your skid control reaction. Different kinds of skid: understeer, oversteer, what causes them, how to avoid them in road situations, and how to induce and play with them here in this safe environment.  For those with rear wheel drive practise your ability to control and drive power oversteer.

The surfaces consist of:

  • Surface 1: A long 180 metres of wetted basalt tiles. Used by vehicle manufacturers to test braking, traction and stability systems, its ability to simulate ice and snow in all weather conditions makes it the perfect area to teach skid control and the benefits of ABS (anti-lock braking system) and DSC (Dynamic stability/traction control)
  • Surface 2: The Skid Circle is perfect to simulate driving on a slippery roundabout, giving the driver a real feel of understeer and oversteer. The low grip surface enables real time driving simulation on black ice, demonstrating, in a safe environment, the potential hazards of road driving in such slippery conditions. This will really highlight the difference between traction control on (if you have this system) and traction control off, giving increased confidence when driving on wet and greasy roads.
These skid control areas are constantly wetted, creating very low traction surfaces, therefore there is no wear on tyres or car systems, unlike on a track day!

Afternoon Mixed Practice

Based on the morning progress, you discuss, with your instructor, what you would like to practise more of.

On the day

Noise limit at site is 98dB static. Exhaust noise is important. If you have an after market system fitted, then please check and have it quietened to avoid disappointment on the day! 
Extremely low and competition cars may find the vehicle is too low at certain areas of the venue, please advise us of your vehicle when booking. All road going vehicles are suitable.

Photography allowed, (please wear high viz, we can provide this)

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To see availability for the Performance Car Control Course and to book, please see the Course Dates and Bookings page.

Dates run throughout the year. Book early to be sure of a place!

Small groups (such as car clubs), or those wishing to book an Exclusive day please contact us to negotiate a price.

If you have any queries regarding the course, please contact us for more details.

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